Healing Earth

By cultivating carefully chosen species of fungi in contaminated areas, toxic land can be converted into viable ecosystems.


There are species in the fungus kingdom that in unison are able to break down all major toxins that threaten life on Earth. On their menu are chemicals, persistent organic pollutants, oils, radioactive compounds and even plastic. Some species absorb heavy metals and detox surrounding soil. Mushroom mycelium decomposes large and complex molecules into smaller particles that other organisms can utilise. Fungi can start a chain reaction of toxin degradation, which otherwise would accumulate in the environment with unpredictable consequences.



We can affect what type of mycelium will become dominant at a particular spot. Utilizing the fact that most trees live in symbiotic harmony with mushroom mycelium we can grow cuttings and infect their root system with preferred species of fungi before planting. And at places where there is a need to filter toxins from flowing water it is possible to make a permeable membrane with optimal mycelium.



Healing Earth aims at preventing toxins from accessing the ecosystem as well as cleaning up and recover damaged land.

Final project for BA - degree


Garðar Eyjólfsson

Thomas Pausz