Social design and social change.


Even though Iceland is a rich country and a small community, at the year of 2014 it was estimated that 200- 300 people were living there without having a home.

Our aim with this project was to create a workspace with an atmosphere where outsiders felt welcome and inspiring. We wanted to encourage them to express themselves creatively.

We cleaned up a storage room and changed it to a workspace for us and those who were willing to join. The final goal was to exhibit their work for public so the artists could get the feeling of having a voice and being respected again. The exhibition was set up at the City Hall Reykjavík, the 24th and 25th of May 2014 and was a great success. 

Here you find more about the project Outsider.

Outsiders was one of seven projects made at the course Together-Repair in spring 2014 at the IAA.   If interested to see other projects from that course click here.  



Garðar Eyjólfsson

 Massimo Santanicchia  



Þorbjörg Valdimarsdóttir


Andrea Halldórsdóttir

Felix Benjamin Deiters

Henriette Artz

Manuel Falkenhahn

Margrét Helga Weisshappel

Sigrún Thorlacius

Walter Hjaltested


Local Agents:

Arnar Gylfason Curator of the exhibition "The homeless Artshow" in Reykjavik

Magdalena Kjartansdóttir Head of Department Service Center and Hlíðar

Guðrún Þorgerður Ágústsdóttir Head of day service, collaborative work, Reykjavík City and The red Cross

Lovísa Christiansen Treatment representative in Krýsuvík.